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Dandeli National Park

Situated on beautiful Western Ghats of Karnataka this location is popular for wildlife reserves. This place is natural haven to wildlife. The species include tigers, leopards, elephants, gaur, black panthers, bear, deer, antelopes etc. So if you are an adventurer and love wildlife, jungle safari to the Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is a must.

Dandeli gives you brilliant opportunity to understand the wildlife lifecycle. The best part is it would available in its natural environment. The most ideal way to experience the Dandeli wildlife would be a jeep safari. Jeep with open seating arrangements for approximately 8 people would be a thrilling for your wildlife journey.

Early mornings, or afternoon to evening would be perfect for your Dandeli wildlife trip. Permissions have to be taken from the authorities for the wildlife trip. Once you are permitted for the visit, be prepared for your encounter with:



Black Panther





Spotted deer


Open jeep safari will introduce you to the immense calmness in the locality. The nature will seem to speak to you. You need not worry about your safety as the tour guide will ensure about your safety and comfort. Jeep safaris are the most thrilling way to encounter the vegetation amidst the mottled light.

Tourists have simply lost themselves in the magical aura. They feel blissfully calm and at peace. As a first timer you would not be familiar with the immense jungle wealth of Dandeli. But once you are at this wildlife sanctuary you will be enthralled by the locale.

Must Do at Dandeli wildlife sanctuary:

The animals here are in their natural habitat. They lead their lifestyle without any premise or cage restrictions. Make sure you listen to the sounds of nature carefully. This really does add to the trip. The sanctuary also offers rafting opportunities. If you go for boat rides do follow the instructions carefully. Click many pictures to carry back your wildlife memories.

Carry a pair of binoculars

Carry a camera that hangs around

Carry water bottles

Do not make noise as this can make the animals panic and flee.

Wear light color forest friendly clothes

Follow all the regulations strictly if you do not wish any danger.

Make sure your tourist guide instructs you properly. Keep in mind all the pointers. If you have any doubts get them cleared with the guide.


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