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Kanha National Park

Kanha national park is located in Mandla and Balaghat district of Indian state Madhya Pradesh. It is one of the most popular tiger reserve in India. There are several species of wildlife animals and birds found in the national park. The Sal and Bamboo forest surrounding the park offers a cool and relaxed surrounding for the tourists. This is the reason many tourists prefer to visit the park every year to enjoy the beauty of the place.

Nature lovers always try to find a place with outstanding surrounding, cool and relaxing climate as well as evergreen natural sights. You can find a combination of wild lives and nature by visiting the national park. Taking a close look at the big cats is really an outstanding experience and you may have it by visiting Kanha national park.


One can find several species of wild cats and animals in the Kanha national park. It is one of the largest tigher reserves in India. You can easily spot majestic tigers and wild cats wondering inside the forest. By visiting the entire spot with Tiger Safari, you may get a chance to see the animals moving under open sky. Apart from wild tigers there are some rare species like Chausingha, Sambar, dog, black antelope, jackal found in the forest.

Bird species:

Kanha national park is also a great platform for bird lovers as they can see different species of birds here. There are nearly around 200 species of birds found in the place. Some rare species of birds include Shikra, white eyed buzzards and purple heron. By visiting the place you may be able to get a chance to take closer view at all this avifauna.


The dense and green forest covering the national park also provide a great platform for the tigers and other wildlife species. There are lakes present inside the forest which keeps the atmosphere cool. Animals like antelopes come to the river banks several times a day as they are completely dependant on the water. There are nearly around 600 species of flora found in the Kanha national park. There are different species of herbs, plants and climbers which add more beauty to the place.

The place is well connected to all nearby places through roadways. Hence you can easily catch bus or train to reach at the national park. There are several domestic buses running between Jabalpur to Kanha. You can catch them to react at the place. There are also flights from all major cities in India that would take you to the site.


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