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Velavadar Blackbuck

Velavadar national park located in Bhabnagar district of Indian state Gujarat is one of the familiar wild life reserves in India. The main park is located around 72 kilometers away from Bhavnagar city. The place is considered as the paradise for tourists and many tourists prefer to visit the place every year to enjoy the beauty at the park.

The dense forests, grasslands and river add more beauty to the place and make it one of the perfect habitats for wild animals and birds. The park spreads around 34.08 square kilometer and there are several species of animals, birds, reptiles and plants found in the eco-system. The Alang and Paravalio River located nearby the national park provide the right platform for the growth of wild life as well as keep the atmosphere cool and refreshing.


Blackbuck national park is popular for its largest population of blackbuck which is an Indian antelope species. It is also known as the fastest animal in the world for its unique running ability. Due to its high speed running ability it becomes difficult for the wild cats to catch the animal. They are mainly found around Alang and Paravalio river because blackbucks are completely dependent on water for survival. This provides a unique opportunity to the tigers to catch the animal. The blue bull which is also known as the largesty antelope is also seen in Blackbuck national park. Apart from these two animals one can also spot jackal, tigers, hare, fox and hyena in the park.


Blackbuck national park is also known as one of the familiar bird life reserve. There are several avifauna species found in the park. The grasslands, tall trees and decent atmosphere creates an outstanding platform for the birds. Both resident and migratory birds are found in the park. Larks, bushchats, crane, eagles and vultures are some of the most common birds are found in the area. Birds like pelicans, cranes, storks and ducks can also be seen around the lakes in the national park.


The flat land, dry atmosphere and water resources present in between the park creates a great habitat for the growth of several flora species. One can easily spot the combination of flora and fauna in the eco-system. There are number of herbs, plants and big trees present out there. The tall trees provide right shelter to the migratory and resident birds. There are some rare species of plants and animals seen in the Blackbuck national park. The flat grassland presents right habitat for blackbuck families.


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