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Ajmer & Pushkar

Ajmer is very popularly known as the land of composite cultures. It is also the base to visit beautiful Pushkar city which is located at around 11 km from Ajmer. Wrapped majestically in the barren hills, Ajmer was found by Raja Ajay Pal in the 7th century. Several dynasties ruled this city and this is the reason why many cultures and traditions have left their marks over here. It has now emerged as a popular pilgrimage centre for Hindus as well as Muslims.

Places of interest in Ajmer:


Situated at the foot of barren hill, Dargah of Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti is worshipped by thousands of Hindus and Muslims coming here from all over the world. It is a splendid tomb which is also known as Khawaja Sharif.


This attraction is a massive gate which was created by Nizam from Hyderabad. As you enter, you can find a beautiful Akbari Masjid of white marble built next to the courtyard. You can also find another mosque built by emperor Shahjahan.

Saint's tomb

It is a tomb built with splendid marble and is beautifully surrounded with a silver platform. The shrine at this place attracts thousands of tourists each year.

Mosque of Shahjahan

At the inner court of Dargah, you can find a magnificent architecture of a building created with white marble. Delicate carvings done on it make it all the more beautiful.


Situated beyond the Dargah, it is an amazing architecture which symbolizes indo- Islamic culture.

Other attractions of Ajmer are:

The Museum

Taragarh Fort

Mayo College


This is a holy town of Hindus which is situated near to Ajmer. Tourists from throughout the world visit this place to witness the popular Camel fair which is carried out here.

Brahma Temple

It is the only temple in the world of Lord Brahma and major place of interest in Pushkar. This temple holds a special place for Hindus. Four- armed idol of Lord Brahma at this temple is simply one of its kinds in the entire world. Devotees put coins on the stairs of this temple to mark death or birth of their close ones.


Prime attraction of Kishangarh is a beautiful fort situated near it and famous Phool Mahal which is presently converted into a hotel.

Pushkar Lake

This is also a major place of interest in Pushkar. Hindus have many myths and beliefs about this lake. Pushkar Lake is completely dedicated to Lord Brahma as it is believed that a lotus fell from hands of Lord Brahma into this spot and the lake sprang up immediately. It is a beautiful lake surrounded by around 500 temples and 52 ghats.

Rangji temple

It is a famous temple of Lord Vishnu. This temple is beautifully created in style of south Indian temples. Inside the temple, you can even find image of Garuda.

Pushkar Bazaar

Pushkar has a beautiful bazaar where tourists from throughout the world can find pilgrimage products. Besides, you can find many other things at this bazaar such as Rajasthani jewellery, costumes, decorative pieces and even accessories.

Other places which can be visited at Pushkar include:

Roopangarh Fort


Savitri Temple

Varah Temple


Mahadeva Temple

Nag (Yajna) Hill

When you are on your tour to Ajmer and Pushkar, all above mentioned attractions can be visited by you. It would definitely help you to witness and understand the traces of Hindu and Muslim culture at these places. Hiring a car is a good option for this trip.


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